From Pharma to Nutrition

More and more doctors, specialists and nutritionists become interested in the role nutrition can play in medical science. This is not surprising, as nutrition has always played a vital role in ancient medical science and tradition. In this respect, Hippocrates once stated ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ However, at the moment, unfortunately, in our view there is too little attention  for  the role of nutrition in medical science. This is a loss, because well nourished people function better than people who miss essential nutrients.

We are happy that you are visiting our website to read more about this subject. We aspire to be a scientific platform for doctors, specialists and nutritionists who are interested in the role nutrition can play in modern-day medicine. A platform that will support, stimulate and create awareness for the essential role of nutrition.  We very much like to inform you and your patients or clients on how to improve health or stay healthy. Because this is where we, ourselves, could have such a great influence in!  We believe that we would be much healthier if we could all shift ‘from pharma to nutrition’. This shift includes fewer use of medicine and a better overall nourishment of our bodies, with the help of essential and natural nutrients for body and mind.

What is Brainlabs Foundation?

Brainlabs Foundation focusses on the development and availability of knowledge regarding nutrition and lifestyle (especially concerning stress containment) in relation to (mental) health care and creating sustainable and affordable health solutions. Our principles here are:


  • Applying the power of nature
    By development and scientific validation of knowledge regarding the cause and healing of diseases, the role of nutrition (and supplements) in medicine and the creation of suitable, sustainable and affordable health solutions.
  • Using human’s inner power and wisdom.
    By educating and coaching people with the benefit of a positive mindset,
    lifestyle and self-knowledge.
  • Profit for you
    Developing better solutions for you and for a healthier world, is key for us all. The donations will be used to develop and scientifically validate knowledge that will be translated into solutions that will make a difference.

let food be thy medicine