Scientific research conducted by Brainlabs over the last five years  yielded new insights of the biological processes underlying depression. This research (incl. screening literary studies on this subject over the last 10 years) based on the so-called biomarkers (specifications from blood-and urine tests) revealed that a disorder of minerals – especially that of magnesium, selenium and zinc- and eicosanoids in our cells play an important role in the development of depression and burnout.

All the relevant scientific research papers can be found here concerning the topic of minerals and  of eicosanoids. Soon there will be a confirmation study for these biomarkers conducted by Brainlabs, which will look more specifically at co-morbidity, age, gender and ethnicity.

Brainlabs Foundation aims to conduct an intervention study with the nutrients magnesium + complementary minerals  and the combination of omega 3/ co-enzyme Q10/Vitamin E regarding depression and to monitor the effect in the biomarker panel of Brainlabs.