Continuous inflammations that stay under the radar at regular check-ups; we call them low grade inflammations. This type of inflammation  could become ‘silent killers’ as their existence is not known and they cause chronic health diseases for many people. From obesity, depression, and diabetes to arteriosclerosis and even dementia. All of these diseases seem to contain the same components: chronic low grade inflammation.

Generally speaking, inflammation activity serves its function and can therefore be seen as positive. However, problems arise when the inflammation processes do not stop, but becomes chronic and disturbs the healthy activities of the body. The structural increase of this low grade  inflammation, and consequently the structural increase in chronic disease, seems to be related to our diet which has structurally changed. To be more specific, the structural changed ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. According to the World Health Organization, this ratio should be 2:1 however is currently estimated to be 1:20 or even worse. Moreover, also the changing ratio between the minerals calcium and magnesium in our cells appears to be an underlying factor to chronic, low grade inflammation activity in our body.