In todays medicine practice we are focused in diagnosing and combatting the symptoms of diseases. There is less focus in looking at illnesses as a  late stage of an earlier disorder of the normal’ physiology of the body. This disorder is in the first place often sensible because it enables us to stay functioning under suboptimal circumstances. The body accommodates and searches for solutions for problems that occur along the way. When health care falls short, the body becomes more and more disordered which results  all kind of illnesses.

Modern western society and it’s lifestyle places a burden on the healthy physiology of our bodies. Stress, pollution, (over) consumption of coffee, alcohol, sugar, medication… does not benefit the nutrient status of our bodies. This can result in diseases, complaints and illnesses. Mainly psychical complaints know a large co-morbidity.

The missing puzzle piece here might well be our nourishment status. It becomes more clear that 90% of our serotonine balancing takes place in our intestine(s). Therefore, healthy and functioning intestines are essential for a good mental health state of being. It has also become known that nutrients such as minerals, fatty acids and b-vitamins play a vital role for psychiatry. The importance of intestinal bacteria in relation to mental diseases becomes more clearer. We would be glad to provide you with several literary suggestions regarding this subject. We have also posted a few animation videos on this website that shed light on the relation between vitality, nutrition and health. These videos can be watched here.