Biomarkers for depression and burnout

Brainlabs’ first groundbreaking  research focusses on finding biomarkers for depression and burnout. Biomarkers are substances in the body which show whether someone is ill or healthy.  In literature studies the scientific publications over the last ten years were scrutinized regarding:

  • Biomarkers for burnout and depression
  • nutrition, burnout and depression
  • biomarkers and Alzheimer
  • nutrition and Alzheimer
  • the role of minerals in (mental) illnesses

The publications have been carefully screened on scientific content and quality.  This  research  and the first pilot clinical study yielded 12 potential biomarkers with which we were able to separate  a group of 52 healthy from 52 depressive people. Soon further validation studies will be done with the aim to develop an objective diagnostic tool  for the general practitioner to diagnose MDD.

Other fields of interest include :

  • Depression treatment studies with combinations of minerals (magnesium, zinc, selenium, chrome) and fatty acids (omega 3, co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin E) including effect measurement with the biomarker panel from Brainlabs)
  • Diagnosis fibromyalgia
  • Diagnosis magnesium deficiency
  • Diagnosis low grade inflammation