Ill, but why/of what?

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches… these are vague and often both for patients and doctors frustrating disorders as far as diagnosis is concerned. The patient often has serious medical complaints substantially affecting normal life, and the doctor wants to provide his service. However, what do these complaints entail, where do they find their origins and what can be done to eliminate them? The clinical pictures mentioned before differ, but also show some resemblance. These complaints possibly find their origin in depletion or imbalance of essential nutrients. This is an intriguing research field for Brainlabs and is part of her R&D portfolio.

In many cases stress seems also to be a main component. This could be physical stress; for instance from a previous or abiding infection or mental stress; for instance a trauma, abiding relation stress or overburdened by work or family care. This yields interesting hypotheses for research, just as the assumption that depletion of nutrients underlies to the presented complaints. And then remaining, the ‘chicken-and-egg’ problem: is the depletion of supplies of nutrients caused by a period of stress or does imbalance in nutrients lead to physical and mental stress? It is possible that a downward spiral  arises between these two poles. This is why Brainlabs Foundation focusses on research to determine the relation between nutrients and SOLK. i.e. the development of diagnostics and appropriate solutions to be implied in our health care.