Eicosanoids are paracrine hormones. These are hormones that are being produced in all cells of our body. Eicosanoids function as a communication tool  between the cells. This occurs in almost all body cells, especially  in the erythrocytes (the red blood cells). The importance of these eicosanoids was recognized in 1982 with the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

The production of eicosanoids relies on fats. To be correct: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. And in their proper ratio. This is supposed to be, according to the World Health Organization, a ratio of 2:1. However, at the moment, with/in our western diet this ratio is 20:1 or even higher. Our bodies are in principle capable of producing these essential fats.  Nonetheless, the question is whether this is indeed the case  for everyone as research shows that omega 3 has a curative effect on primary depression provided the omega 3 contains the active components, DHA and EPA in the correct ratio.

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